About the Summit

Just-Us INDABA is a transformative gathering and full-day event dedicated to pregnant, birthing, and parenting families, along with their healthcare advocates, reproductive justice champions, and supportive healing arts practitioners.

What is an INDABA?

An INDABA is more than just a gathering; it’s a communal conversation rooted in the spirit of Ubuntu – “I am because we are.

Join Us, BEE Present

Because we are the BEloved Early Education and Care Collective, a diverse group of mothers, caregivers, grandmothers, maternal health advocates, and pregnant individuals of color.

All are welcome, including babies in arms. Elders, those with disabilities, birth workers in Black, Indigenous, and Latino communities, and all birthing people are especially encouraged.

Mother and child
Pre-natal care

Why We’re Gathering at INDABA

Our shared experience has taught us that the healthcare system falls short, perpetuating institutional racism and harm within our communities.

The Black and indigenous maternal health crisis is a stark reminder of the urgent need for change. We refuse to accept the status quo any longer. It’s time for action, it’s time for healing, and it’s time for justice.

The inaugural summit is made possible with support and partnership from various organizations, notably:

  • Kolibri Fund,
  • Birth Justice Rapid Response Fund,
  • Lowcountry Unity Fund,
  • National Perinatal Task Force, and
  • Charleston Good, Inc.

Meet the BEE Collective

The BEE Collective