Crystallee Crain, PhD

Crystallee Crain, Ph.D.

Founder & Director, Prevention at the Intersections

Crystallee Crain Ph.D. is an interdisciplinary public health scholar and human rights activist. She has academic roots in sociology, political science, and psychology. She specializes in exposing the layers of institutional inequality while supporting communities to shift ways of being and practice to improve life chances by bridging the worlds of academia, healing, and advocacy.

Crystallee’s body of work represents a collective need to strengthen our responses to violence through transformative means, the need for liberatory practices, and a focus on healing as a revolutionary strategy for change. Crystallee holds an academic appointment with California State University – East Bay in the Department of Political Science and at Simmons University in the Masters of Public Health Program (Health Equity).

She’s also the elected board chair of the Seeding Justice Foundation (PDX). Crystallee is the Founder & Principal Consultant of Prevention at the Intersections, which works to prevent violence and other forms of harm through community-based research and people-centered projects.

At Prevention at the Intersections, she publishes two open-access journals, CATALYST and The Beauty of Black Creation. Recently, the 2nd Edition of her textbook – A People’s Primer: Dispatches on Politics & Social Change (2022), was released. In January 2024 her next textbook The Re-Imagination of Black Political Spaces will be released.

Dr. Crain facilitates trainings with an emphasis on trauma, prevention science, and community capacity-building. She has worked with organizations across the country to support them in actualizing social justice and people-centered values in the development and implementation of their mission and vision. Clients have included: the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO), Justice Outside (California), The Oregon Alliance, San Francisco Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (SFCIPP), Community Cycling Center, The BEE Collective, State of California, Clackamas County, University of California, Partnership for a Hunger-Free Oregon, and Dress for Success Oregon.

Crystallee earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in Transformative Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. She holds a Master of Arts in Social Sciences (a concentration in Sociology from Eastern Michigan University), and a Bachelors of Science in Political Science from Northern Michigan University.

In 2013 she received executive training in Health and Human Rights from the School of Public Health at Harvard University. Dr. Crain has served as a member of the Alameda County Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Commission, The City of Portland’s Human Rights Commission, and is a current member of the American Psychological Association and the American Evaluation Association.

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