Jacqueline McLemore, PhD

Jacqueline McLemore, PhD

Principal, Lowcountry Phoenix Consulting and Coaching

Jacquie McLemore was born in the Health Center of Jackson State College (now, University) in Jackson MS. Her girlhood included a loving family, the everyday dangers of lynching, a four-
room school building on the campus of Jackson State where students were assured that they were (potentially) the best and brightest, and an ever present, codified system designed to
subjugate people who looked like her.

Jacquie, her parents, and brother were among the 7 million African Americans who left the South for the promise of a better life in the North. The
McLemore family went to Cleveland Ohio in the 1960’s.

These experiences sensitized Jacquie to look for signs of where and how people, communities, cities, and organizations changed. Eventually, she received a Master of Science Degree in Social
Work (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and a PhD in Organizational Behavior (Case Western Reserve University).

Today, Jacquie has more than thirty-five years of experience in the field of personal and organizational change. Over the course of her career, she has focused on working with people
who are on the front lines of change and consulting with individuals, groups, and organizations as they address compelling personal, organizational, and social problems.

Client organizations have included nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, legal organizations, health care systems, community coalitions, and private sector organizations of all types.
Jacquie is a mother to three adult children: Adrienne Troy Frazier, a co-founder of the Bee Collective and Executive Director of Berkeley County First Steps; Christina Jackson (a mental
health advocate in Cleveland OH); and Albert Jackson (a comedian and television host in Denver CO).

Jacquie has eight grandchildren. She lives in Summerville SC with her husband, brother, and 12-year-old Coonhound.

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