Zandrina Riley

Zandrina Riley

Licensed Social Worker, Rejuvenations BodyWorks

Zandrina Riley started her career in 2005, relocating to Charleston, SC from Boston Massachusetts in 1987. She was widowed in 1990 and raised 3 daughters on her own. Knowing that education was a priority, she took odd jobs as she continued her education and raised her children. She has always had a strong passion for holistic natural care and the benefits of touch therapy.

Zandrina extended her thirst for knowledge in 1980 and went to Harvard University’s Center for Lifelong Learning’s Alternative Forms of Healing Workshop in Boston, MA.

Zandrina has worked extensively with medical professionals throughout the U.S. including the founder of The Hippocrates Institute, Ann Wigmore which changed her way of living. After graduating from the Southeastern School of Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, she taught massage therapy at the college level in order for students to pass the state board of exams.

Zandrina continues to lecture publicly on the Benefits of Massage, Reflexology, and Stress Management throughout the local community and after years of education both formally and informally, she practices the lifestyle she teaches.

The ultimate goal is to identify and reduce stress by way of making healthy choices. After all, we should cherish the bodies that we have been given.

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