Glossary of Terms

A collection of words and phrases pertaining that one may hear at Just-US INDABA, or in and around conversations on birthing healthcare.

Counterintuitive Solidarity

Listening to Black, Latino and Indigenous voices, even when their experiences differ, especially in the context of systemic issues originating from white supremacy and colonialism.


Listening without centering the conversation on one’s personal views when in a place of privilege, recognizing its role in perpetuating disparities in maternal health for Black and Indigenous communities.

Internalized Superiority/Inferiority

Socialized feelings of deserving or not deserving to take up space, a concept deeply influenced by white supremacy and colonialism.

Macro Resistance

Addressing systemic issues, like the maternal health crisis in Black and Indigenous communities, stemming from historical injustices.

Micro Resistance

Addressing interpersonal issues and biases that contribute to health disparities for communities of color.


Inherent advantages rooted in historical power dynamics created by white supremacy and colonialism.

Unconscious Bias

Stereotypes formed outside of conscious awareness, perpetuated by historical narratives.

Virtue Signaling

Publicly expressing allyship or moral correctness regarding marginalized groups, especially relevant in the context of addressing disparities rooted in white supremacy and colonialism.

The BEE Collective